Kelowna Okanagan Wedding Photographers - Jessica and Andy
Meet Jessica & Andy

Meet Wedding Photographers, Jessica & Andy

11 years ago a handsome stranger with a new found "shopping addiction" asked for Jessica's number while she was on shift. It wasn't love at first sight per se, but awfully close to it! One date had us both hooked and we never spent more than a couple days apart after that first night. The February evening air was crisp and the moon was bright when we went walking one night at Mission Creek park, and it is here that Andy got down on one knee to propose. We were married in June 2005 just 13 months after we met. Now, 11 years later, we have two little girls + a son and a beautiful place in the gorgeous Okanagan Valley where we call Kelowna home.

View More: professional backgrounds in business management, marketing and brand development have given us the skills to run a thriving company with amazing customer service. Jessica and Andy Studios is the result of 8 years of patient study and hard work - and we continue to improve our processes, enhance our skills and step out of the box with our imagery.

Marriage is our ultimate passion. We have experienced first hand how amazing it is to live your life with a lover and friend who always sees your best and is committed to you when you are at your worst. That is why we chose wedding photography as our specialty. We pour our hearts into creating gorgeous heirloom images that will speak forever to future generations about the beauty of love and the two souls who found it in each other.

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Jessica & Andy

"About Us" photos by our friend and photographer, Heatherly.